No Florida Veteran Left Behind

Over 90% of donations go back to Florida Veterans and their families

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If you're a Florida Veteran in need of financial assistance, please reach out to your Florida Department of Veterans Affairs county office.

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If you want to partner with FVF to help our Florida Veterans, click below to get involved.

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The Problem We are Solving Together

There has been an epidemic with veterans returning home from service to include all wars. We continue to learn about veterans who have suffered a loss of identity in their transition from soldier to civilian. Regardless of medical condition some take it so hard that suicide befalls them. FVF has taken the task seriously to identify the dynamic "needs" of each veteran. We partner with service organizations and respective communities to help each veteran. We are a "solutions-based" foundation.

It is not ok for our veterans to go through this,
will you be part of the solution?

About Our Foundation

FVF is passionate about serving Florida Veterans and their families. We are so committed to this mission, that over 90% of all financial support goes back into the pockets of our heroes. Our successes are a matter of record.

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The Solution We Bring

28,000 The number of Florida Veterans reached every month.
25,000 The number of dollars expended each month to help Florida Veterans in need.
93 The percentage of dollars going directly to veterans through your donations.
130 The number of County Veterans Service Officers that FVF partner with to solve veterans’ issues.
378 The number of Veteran Service Organizations, local governments, veterans service councils, and educational institutions that FVF affiliates with to help veterans.
368 The degrees of support in financial, mental, emotional, and social support to get veterans back on their feet and into society.

Will You Help Our Heroes?

There is a huge need to help restore our heroes to get them back into society where they get back their identity and dignity. Will you join us?

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